POFU Supply on Demand introduces their 2 main flagship products which are the latest generation products to change the perception of coatings reliability and lifespan with the unique properties.

POFU Supply on Demand also offers a large variation of products that can be specified once proper corrosion testing and assessment has been conducted


AFRISUN HRCSA Coating systems protects the most vulnerable members of the structure:
• Joint & Crevices
• Flanges
• Base Plates
• Supporting Structure (concrete & metal)
• Surface Pipes / Underpipe Support
• Gantries / Transmission Towers / Street Light Infrastructure


The Polyguard system addresses critical aspects of pipeline corrosion and was developed so that it would be of assistance to all Consulting Engineers, Contractors and Asset owners when selecting a pipeline coating system for new buried pipelines and rehabilitation of buried pipelines and joint field repairs.
We are of the opinion that the RD-6 COATING SYSTEM is the best pipeline coating solution available in the market presently, due to the following:
• Its superior adhesion properties, surpassing all products worldwide
• Easy Application Procedure (Minimum Substrate Prep – ST3 – wire brushing)
• Non-shielding – allows CP currents to pass through
• Flexible – Can accommodate volume changes
• Uses SP-6 Outer Wrap to minimise soil stress.