We Offer Corrosion Control Services

through 4th generation products that bring forth cost cutting, long life span using easy application methods



To effectively partner with our clients in a forthright and supportive manner providing the most advanced tools, techniques and knowledge needed to preserve the integrity of their infrastructure


We strive to be one of the leading corrosion control companies in Africa and the Middle East. POFU Supply on Demand leads the market in the following:

• Innovation / 4 th Generation Products
• Cost Effectiveness
• Ease of Application / Long Product Lifespan
• Environmental Friendly
• Reduction of Human Injury/Risk

1. Corrosion Condition Assessment
2. Solution/Recommendation
3. Product Supply
4. Quality Control
5. After Care Support

2nd & 3 rd Generation Coatings

• Require intensive surface preparation methods
• Huge cost of equipment hire
• Longer application period
• Short coating protection (lifespan)

4th Generation Coatings

• Require less tedious surface preparation
• Less/basic equipment required
• Fast & Easy application
• Long coating protection (lifespan)

What Does This Mean For Our Client?

• Less production down time on applications
• Cost saving – budget reduction annually
• Compatible with most coatings
• Reduced safety & OHS risks
• Environmentally friendly